Kurudumale, a sacred place near Mulbagal, is one of the important tourist destinations in Kolar district. It is believed that, Kurudumale is the place where Devas would descend from the heavens for recreation on earth.
Kurudumale is famous for the Lord Ganesha temple, built by Vijayanagar rulers. The Ganesha in Kurudumale is considered to be very powerful. As per the legends, the idol of Lord Ganesh in the Ganesh Temple was installed by Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara.

The giant 13.5 ft idol of kurudumale Ganesha attracts thousands of visitors from the surrounding states.

Half of the temple has different style of carving, believed to have been done by the legendary artist Jakanachari and the other half is believed to have been carved by his son Dankanachari.


Bangalore: 110 km

How to get there:

Road: Kurudumale is well connected by roads. Kurudumale can be easily accessed from Mulbagal by road. (Bangalore - Mulbagal NH4-Road)
This is Someshwara temple, with a powerful Shiva linga being worshipped daily. The temple premises also contain some ruined small shrines across the main temple body. The temple is completely in Hoysala style,but there is a point to be observed. Half of the temple has carvings of one type on the walls, and the other half has carvings of another type, more sophisticated and intricate. Legend says that the former half was built by Jakanachari and the later half by Dankanachari, Jakana’s son. Mysteriously enough, there’s no proof supporting this argument. However, this temple looks beautiful and mysterious. This is an example of architectural beauty, which, our ancestors good creating at.

One major engineering marvel about this temple is that this is a temple that is carved out of stone without a foundation!!

Kurudumale is located at a distance of 12 km from Mulbagal. Kurudumale was an important center during the time of Hoysala dynasty. Kurudumale is famous for the Ganesha temple. It was built by Vijayanagara kings. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called Someshwara temple.The temple was built during the Cholas period. The interesting fact of Someshwara temple is that it is built of a rock without any foundation.
Actually named KuduMale and not Kurudamale. Kudumale - from the legend that the trimurthis were the first ones to offer puja to lord Ganapathi together here.Hence the name kudumale.

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